Long live the terraces, even during winter!

Terraces are all the rage. This fact can be proven by the numerous sky bars, rooftop bars or the simple little terraces we find in tucked away squares. But who doesn’t enjoy having a beer in the sun? Or chilling together with friends enjoying a breathtaking view over the city?

The decoration company Carmela Martí Decoración explains that, for any bar or restaurant, having a terrace is a great attraction, so it would be a shame if the winter cold didn’t let us take profit of this space. But what can we do during the winter time? The solution lies in reinventing the space, replacing the thin summer fabrics with thicker ones, which provide warmth and shelter the customers. To do so, some elements can be included, such as small blankets, plaids or cushions that transform the terrace into a very cosy space that invites everyone to sit down.

At first, blankets and plaids were only available at high-end establishments, but their use has gradually spread, since it is a very simple way to take advantage of the exterior areas when the cold weather comes. It is better to opt for neutral colours, such as stone or beige, which give a sense of warmth.

Cushions will make the sofas attract anyone who approaches a terrace. Red, orange, brown and ochre colours can be used to provide light and combine with the throws at the same time. With regard to the cushions, Carmela Martí Decoración recommends the use of outdoor linens, so that they can withstand the sun as well as the humidity and the low temperatures. An outdoor fabric that works very well is Dralon, since, besides its special properties for outdoor use, it is very soft to the touch.

If you have a terrace, you have a treasure. Don’t let the cold stop you from taking advantage of this space. Equip yourself properly so that your customers don’t feel cold, not even a bit, and, as already said, long live the terraces!

More information: Carmela Martí Decoración