Custom Services

Resuinsa offers custom services and comprehensive equipment services, capable of decorating any hotel establishment, whatever the needs may be and with the best textile products.


Design is a major factor in our sector, becoming a strategic point that adds value to the product. To achieve this, it’s necessary to be up-to-date on new trends and meet the tastes of different cultures and target markets, providing durable products, capable of withstanding the extreme conditions of industrial laundry processes they are subjected to.


Depending on the purpose and concept of the client, and ultimately respecting their corporate identity, we propose new product designs and decoration styles, thanks to our team’s professionalism.



Atelier is a 100% personalized service where we put our designers to the service of the client to create specific textile products with their corporate colors, logos and different identification marks if required. Our industrial designers will undertake any new project to create the product our client needs and always according to his standards.