How to dress the perfect bed according to Carmela Martí

The feeling of waking up in a hotel bed after having slept like a baby is wonderful. It might be due to the exhaustion of travelling or to the novelty of sleeping away from home but hotel beds have this ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes them irresistible. As soon as someone enters the room the dilemma arises, whether to admire the perfection of the bed or whether to jump into this fluffy mountain of cushions that are so well combined with the rest of the room.

Therefore, Carmela Martí explains that the first think to take into account to dress a bed are the sheets. A common characteristic of the hotel sheets is that they are White. This colour not only gives an image of neatness and cleanliness, but they also transmit calm and comfort, which ensures a deep sleep. Another important aspect to take into consideration is the quality and the resistance to the large amount of washing that they suffer.

The bedspread is a great unknown for most people. It is placed below the matrass and it helps to hide the legs of the bed and the spread, giving an elegant touch to the bed. The bedspread can also be used in small rooms to hide the luggage under the bed.

The colour of the bedspread may vary depending on the objective we want to achieve. It might reinforce the main colours if we combine it with other elements or we can choose a more neutral colour. However, the key is that the measurements of the bed are correct so the bedspread fits perfectly.

Another essential element for a truly tailored look is the bed throw. It is positioned on the feet of the bed and it gives a touch of colour. Moreover, it protects the white sheets from all the careless people that may put their feet in the bed.

The final touch is given by the decorative pillows. This is the most creative part of the bed, you can play with colours, textures and patterns for a modern, artistic feel. For example, you can combine different patterns using the same colour, combine some of the colours used in the room or choose one of them in order to highlight it. Decorative pillows allow taking some risk following the latest trends without a big budget.

Enjoy the perfect bed!

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