Our responsibility within society is present at all levels of the company, taking into account the environmental, social and economic impact of the business.


In Resuinsa we have introduced a Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which includes the necessary criteria to follow the national and international labour standards and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Naturally, we also respect the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women.


The CSR also includes the following conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organization:

  1. Conventions 29 and 105 (against forced labour and slavery)
  2. Convention 87 (for the freedom of association)
  3. Convention 98 (for the right to collective bargaining)
  4. Conventions 100 and 111 (to equalize pay of male and female employees for jobs of equal value: principle of non-discrimination)
  5. Convention 135 (Convention on the employees’ representatives)
  6. Convention 138 and Recommendation 146 (on the minimum age for employment)
  7. Convention 155 y Recommendation 164 (on occupational health and safety)
  8. Convention 159 (to promote professional rehabilitation and the employment of disabled people)
  9. Convention 177 (on work at home)
  10. Convention 182 (on prohibition and elimination of child labour)

Ethics and transparency are important for us, especially in a sector that has been tainted by companies that transgressed international rules. Through our certificates, we guarantee good business ethics applied to each step in the production process.

We also support different charitable projects:

  1. Asociación española contra el cáncer (Spanish Association against Cancer)
  2. Asociación valenciana de ayuda a la parálisis cerebral (Valencian Association to Help Cerebral Palsy)