Training on linens and their optimisation at residential care

Training is one of Resuinsa’s main pillars. Therefore, on 24 October we conducted a training session on linens at the residential care Amavir Arganzuela, in Madrid, that targeted the laundry and room service coordinators of the company Group Amavir, whose name reflects perfectly the goals of the company and its workers, a combination of ‘amar’ (‘to love’ in Spanish, in other words, care, attention and respect) and ‘vivir’ (‘to live’ in Spanish, that is, to improve the quality of life of its residents).

We explained the linen products and their optimisation at residential care, as well as the factors affecting their useful life. A very enriching theoretical and practical training session was conducted for the workers at these centres, so that they can provide the most appropriate treatment and comfort.

Working towards R&D&I and training helps to boost the hospitality sector, thus we work closely with residential care, institutes, organizations and professionals so that these benefits reach the end customer.