Table linen for a full-colour summer

Summer inspires trends in table linen with energetic colour ranges and natural prints.

Summers is a time of long post-dinner chats and get-togethers to enjoy food with family and friends. And table linen trends are a key ingredient this time of year, reflecting a fun yet relaxed mood for us to share life outdoors.

This is why colour dominates summery table linen, playing with different colour ranges to achieve the perfect mise-en-scène. After a winter filled with muted tones, table décor combines fresh bright colours in even the smallest of details. Moreover, many sets include infused energy from the Colour of the Year—Viva Magenta—and its statement of intent to live a summer season brimming with vitality and optimism.

Natural and geometric prints

Prints are the true kings of table linen with geometric shapes and natural motifs setting the top trends. In this sense, there are tablecloths with drawings of animals, leaves (especially banana leaves) and flowers. So many flowers! Gingham and stripes (e.g. sailor stripes) that first caught the eye last year are back once again.

Another top trend is theme linen for different types of cuisine (Asian, Italian, Spanish, etc.) that work as a connecting thread for special occasions. In fact, Resuinsa has designed several themed linen collections for different types of restaurants.

Nonetheless, plain tablecloths remain a timeless classic and, in combination with the tableware and cutlery, ensure a modern touch on any table. We recommend natural hues such as beige and terracotta, as well as pastel shades in pink and green.

In terms of fabric, linen or cotton provide a perfect fresh touch for summer table dressing. In addition, both materials add a sense of comfort and wellbeing we need from our fabric flourishes.