Linens permeating with the strength, joy and boldness of the Colour of the Year – Viva Magenta

Resuinsa offers its Tokio and Olé thematic table linen collections, where this animated crimson red jumps out in every detail


2023 is the year of colour and energy. In our post-pandemic era, décor, interior design and fashion are seeking a sense of vim and vibrancy, as spotlighted by Pantone and its Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta: ‘An unconventional shade for an unconventional time.’ It is a vivacious, joyous, warm and daring colour from the red palette, and standouts in every way.

Of course, linens in the hospitality sector are not immune to all the possibilities offered by Viva Magenta. Moreover, the colour is closely linked to nature and sustainability—strongly in line with trends developed by Resuinsa in its thematic table linen collections. Both Tokio and Olé are perfect examples.

The Tokio linen set conjures an Asian restaurant theme, where the Colour of the Year stands out and steals the spotlight on a deep black background. The tablecloth and napkin embroidery emulate bamboo with an added touch of Viva Magenta. In addition, this vibrant, crimson red finds inspiration in the beautiful runners, effortlessly combining with a black hue.

In turn, the more Spanish-leaning Olé linen set emboldens Viva Magenta with a white offset. The runner is dotted with symmetrical circles in the star colour, making a statement of intent to represent a typical feature from flamenco costumes. Meanwhile, the tablecloth and napkins highlight Viva Magenta in a single colour piece. This results in table linens emanating a sense of optimism and celebration through intense colour and legendary cultural flourishes.