How to choose bed linens for a hotel

Choosing well the linens for an hotel room is essential for the guest to have a good experience. One of the aspects to keep in mind when choosing them is differentiation, especially when it comes to details and finishes. This customization is provided, as we have already mentioned, by Resuinsa’s service Atelier, since it makes available to the customers the designers so they can get exclusive quality linens.

A good linen equipment itself provides a unique sensation. If the person staying at a hotel sees that the linens are innovative, elegant and consistent with the design of the room, he or she will remember that stay for long.

Apart from everything related to style, hoteliers have to make sure that the linens can withstand multiple industrial washings. These processes substantially improve thanks to systems like RFID, through which you can know the washings of the garments, how many sheets there are in the warehouse or how many towels might have been stolen.

Another aspect to bear in mind is the quality of the linens and the experience, so that you can know the needs of the hotel guests better.

On the other hand, we must remember that the beds are dressed according to the time of the year, therefore we must have linens adapted to each season. In winter, duvets predominate, while in summer the perfect bed can be dressed with sheets with a fresh sateen finishing touch to restore a sense of freshness. Furthermore, linens have to be comfortable and, for this purpose, they can be accompanied by toppers, manufactured with feathers, cotton or graphene. The latter has several properties, for example, it does not accumulate heat like a viscoelastic material does, it is antibacterial and it reduces the static electricity in order to make the sleep deeper and longer.

In short, the design, the quality, the innovation and the experience are the points to bear in mind when choosing the linens for a hotel, or also for a restaurant. This way, products are given added value and a differentiation that makes the customer feel unique.