‘Classic Blue’, an enduring blue

Pantone Classic Blue frees up inspiration and represents easing yourself into a surrounding ambience of confidence, protection and calm. In an ever more globalised world where time and urgency seem to be merging, we need a space to relax and take refuge so that everything can be slotted into place. And this is what ‘Classic Blue’ (Pantone 19-4052) offers: an all-in-one colour inviting us to take a break and immerse ourselves in tranquillity and serenity.

At a moment in time where the entire world is coming together and thinking about how our footprint impacts the planet, where everyone is seeking a lasting sensation of internal peace, a colour like Pantone 19-4052 helps make it easy: its elegance turns any room into perfect hideaway. In the words of Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, ‘we are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constnacy and confidence that is expressed by Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on’.

This sense of serenity is being reflected in fashion, as seen in upcoming street style lines and collections from Chanel and Givenchy; and in accessories and decoration—whether this be a well-balanced objet or textile—creating an atmosphere of harmony and mystery.

It is a universal favourite that should be complemeted by colours that soften its impact, whether through different hues of beige, ecru or off-white. In this vein, walls, textiles or decorative objects should play a complementary role. However, the colour offers so much more and can astound with the right pairings. When looking to create a space with a touch more personality, we can opt for gold or silver hues for a revolutionary setpiece. Quilts or throws in Classic Blue with gold or silver cushions or plaids, interwoven with a touch of beige or white, make for a successful combination.


Resuinsa was one of the first to join this universe through its Blue Beach and Absolut Blu styles, designed by the firm Carmela Martí and which saw great success upon release. Moreover, let’s not overlook options in the bedroom that combine different blue hues with an imperious central feature in Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020.


Pantone 19-4052 can also bring table linens alive too. Its simplicity will certainly not leave anyone unmoved, as a tablecloth combining the blue hue with glass and chrome—alongside accessories in white or even natural hues that cut into intense colour schemes—offers a powerful elegance for those significant moments. Décor in hardwoods or natural products help underscore that ambience of peace and homeliness that we all love.


And in the bathroom? Let’s not forget that water and Classic Blue make for a perfect pairing. In this sense, do not rule out either block colour or whites with Pantone 19-4052 trims and touches for underlying elegance at surprising levels.

In short, this highly intuitive palette can create sophisticated, peaceful atmospheres where we always feel connected. Blue: always a winner.