Trends in sheets: from the purity of white to pastel colours

White, a symbol of cleanliness and purity, is still the main player in hotel sheets. However, luxury establishments have started to add trendy colours to create new experiences in the design of bed linens, such as ivory, beige, grey and blue, which are a real worldwide trend. These pastel shades combine perfectly with the rest of decorative elements in the hotel room, in addition to creating the sense of serenity, naturalness and calmness many guests seek for.

Plain sheets, without any kind of pattern, have been the most demanded to provide the guest a sense of elegance and, at the same time, sobriety. Nevertheless, stripes have also been added as an element to give linens a more modern and original touch.

Sheet patterns have been moving towards more sophisticated designs. This way, linens embellish any setting, regardless of its decoration and interior design, and can be intermingled with simpler elements. Therefore, one of the most widespread trends is currently the combination of plain sheets with patterned ones. The new patterns achieve that different and unique look for which hotel establishments are looking, without losing the simplicity a totally plain sheet provides.

The new collections of sheets are made with colours and motifs that are at the forefront of linen design, with pastel colours and patterns that provide hotel owners endless possibilities for creating a unique atmosphere for their customers.

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