Table linen dedicated to broccoli


The presentation of the book Great chefs and broccoli took place last Monday in the international gastronomy congress Madrid Fusión. Our world ambassador, Martín Berasategui, supported the event and we wanted to contribute to it with table linen specially manufactured for the occasion. With the green colour as the main character, we embroidered this vegetable in its different shades, attracting this way the attention of the 200 people who attended the event.


The book has been published by the non-profit association +Brócoli and its profits go for the Spanish Association Against Cancer. The eight Michelin-Stars chef contributes with a recipe so that the culinary versatility of this supervegetable is known. He actually pointed out that it is a product “that can be cooked a million ways at home. In this book there are recipes of great chefs that will give you a lot of ideas in the kitchen”.