Resuinsa’s ‘Route 66’ linens bring legendary American spirit to the table

Resuinsa, one of the leading textiles firms in the hospitality sector, has taken inspiration from the Mother of All Roads in the US—’Route 66’—to design one of its thematic table linen collections. The combination of style and quality for dining offers an air of adventure and the infinite horizons found on this legendary US highway.

The firm has a set of runners and placemats with pockets for cutlery that provide the comfort and ease sought by travellers: everything is on-hand. The ‘Route 66’ collection table runners have a simple design of boundless black and grey lines, in tune with the highway motif; the colour reappears on the placemats in the style of a ‘rest stop’ on seemingly eternal road trips.

The design’s dual colour approach intends to recreate the highway/heaven duality that travellers constantly experience on the route, through patterns of straight lines simulating the continuity of the road.

The set is supplemented with two aprons that combine grey lines and hues in two separate models to suit individual tastes, and there are useful pockets in the individual placemats. The collection works exceptionally well with wood furniture and is designed to dress indoor tables at businesses looking to create a mythical road trip vibe.

In this sense, Resuinsa—the specialist in HoReCa designs—offers businesses the chance to dress their tables in homage to the pure setting of Route 66, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles and is synonymous with long road trips and mandatory stops.

Thematic restaurant table linens should perfectly match the profile of your business, whether this be Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese or, as in our case here, American. Our textiles offer you the chance to create that sought-after feel for your restaurant with quality and design.

The inspiring simplicity of these linens makes them perfect for any space and ambience. The combination of grey runners and individual placemats creates a perfect balance in delectable tribute to the ‘Main Street of America‘.