Malta Collection: the depth of the Mediterranean at your table

The deep blue hue of the Mediterranean comes to life in the Malta Collection—super summery table linen designs by the Atelier Service by Carmela Martí at Resuinsa. The tablecloth design incorporates fine wavy lines in blue, representing ocean waves. The runners and napkins continue this same intense, fresh theme, offering diners a unique table experience.

The individual placemats provide continuity with the wave design which culminates on the runners to submerge and envelope each dish. The designs are superimposed to provide visual harmony for table decoration through textiles and, except for the tablecloth, each piece has white or blue piping in a matching hue in allusion to sailing rope.

The Malta Collection comprises a unique and exclusive linen set that is ideal for summer and outdoor events. This leitmotiv element in the linens can thus help define a restaurant’s identity—an aspect that appeals to establishments seeking to use decorative designs to underscore their standout visual approach.

Nowadays, tailored designs are an essential element in the hospitality sector. Projects such as the Atelier Service by Carmela Martí at Resuinsa create exclusive linens that fit perfectly with the décor and unique approach of each establishment. In line with the latest trends, unique ambiences can be created where all elements come together to help make your business stand out from the crowd.