Fine dining and linens: the right choice

Tables at restaurants should always offer their best features for diners and this means always using linens. The importance of linens is not just an aesthetic choice but also a way to ensure table hygiene.

On the one hand, linens underscore an establishment’s identity using textile design and decorative shape. Tailoring linens has become one of the most popular choices in the hospitality sector. Indeed, here at Resuinsa we offer the Atelier service by Carmela Martí where customers can tailor their items in line with international trends and adapt them to their establishment’s own décor and specificity.

Table linens are a sign of distinction and help highlight other elements such as décor, cutlery or tableware. Therefore, these linens enhance the sense of quality, excellence and professionalism.

On the other, linens also provide extra hygiene. Indeed, last year AITEX—The Textile Technological Institute—released a study concluding that eating without a linen tablecloth led to 37x more bacteria present on the table. Moreover, those made with PVC accumulate up to four times more microorganisms than linen. The report thus substantiates how essential table linens are.

In this vein, Resuinsa is spearheading the defence of fine dining using linens as they combine two essential elements: hygiene and design. Also highlights that the on-again off-again trend for bare tables in Spain has now fortunately faded—a trend not seen in other countries with long-standing culinary traditions such as France and Italy.