The Limitations of Low-Cost and Low-Quality Hotel Linen

When making hotel linen purchasing decisions, low prices are tempting. Saving money on routine items like sheets, pillowcases and washcloths means that you have more money to spend on exciting amenities like pools, fitness centers, spas, concierge services and welcome gifts.

But while all of these extra services may be fun to promote, the experiential cost of low-quality linens is immeasurable.

Additionally, you might not be saving as much money as you think. Here’s why you shouldn’t choose price over quality when it comes to your hotel linen:

Your guests will feel a difference.

hotel linen guests

You might assume that your hotel guests won’t be able to tell if you saved a few extra dollars on your hotel bedding, but think again. Touch is one of the most complex, emotional and unique senses in our bodies, which is perhaps why it makes such a big impact on consumer purchasing habits. In a study from the Shullman Research Center, 17 million people ranked touch as the most important sense, and almost half of those had bought luxury items within the past year. Individuals who value touch are more likely to splurge on luxury items.

If you’re seeking to create luxury hotel experiences for your guests, it follows that the quality of your bed linens and towels should be one of your first priorities, because textile quality is one of your customer’s priorities. In fact, hotel guests on average, especially luxury hotel guests, are willing to pay more for comfortable beds than for services like in-room dining, fitness centers and luggage services. The primary reason for any hotel visit is to secure a comfortable place to sleep, so using precious funds for amenities that your hotel guests may never even use is a waste of resources. Securing high-quality bed and bath linens will make a substantial difference in how guests perceive your hotel and in their decision to make repeat visits.

Choose long-term quality over short-term costs.

When considering hotel linen, it’s not just about the initial product. You have to keep in mind that your hotel linens will need to withstand rigorous washing, sanitizing and drying methods.

With all the bad press surrounding questionable hotel cleaning practices, you need to do everything you can to make sure that each item in your hotel room is thoroughly cleaned before the next guest arrives. It’s especially important that your bed linens are free of dirt and stains, by whatever means necessary. Your hotel linens need to be able to handle everything from harsh detergent chemicals to extreme water temperatures.

Cheap, low-quality linens aren’t going to hold up well throughout the laundering process. They’ll sustain damage, their appearance will deteriorate, and you’ll be forced to replace them quickly. On the other hand, if you choose to invest in high-quality luxury bed linens, you may even save money on the replacements and repairs you would have needed if you’d chosen an inexpensive alternative.

Luxury is in the details.

The best way to ensure that you’re getting linens with true quality is to work with a company that puts in the work to test their products. Resuinsa is that company. From choosing the right materials to delivering the final product, our goal is to provide products that meet high standards for quality in every aspect of use. Experience true textile craftsmanship with fine European linens from Resuinsa! Email us today at to learn more about our exclusive hotel linen collections.