Hygienic solutions for all the textile in the hospitality industry

Resuinsa and Carmela Martí collaborate to provide hygienic solutions for all the textile in the hospitality industry. We have created HYGIENIC SPACES as a textile solution that guarantee the safety and hygiene of each space to create pleasant environments.

Looking toward to hygiene and with our continuous innovation we have developed a new collection of products, HYGIENIC TEXTILES, antibacterial fabrics with virucidal properties using the silver ion technology.

Travel is an experience and every step that the guest takes inside the hotel should reflect the personality that hotel. Thanks to the quality of the hospitality textiles that we produce, you can create cozy environments with a line of products that we have developed, that features the hygiene of each space.

Hygienic, quality, with design, sustainable and customizable textiles. Textiles solutions for bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, wellness and common areas.

Our top priority is to make sure the guest has an unforgettable experience. Let us not lose our soul!