How to join two beds in a hotel room

On many occasions, guests ask to sleep together on a king size bed. But what if there are two beds in the room? The solution lies in the mattress topper, a product that has become the perfect ally for hoteliers, since it puts two beds together without letting it be noticed, and besides, there’s no distance between both of them. It’s a significant advantage in the hospitality sector that helps meet this customer need when there are no bigger beds available.

In addition, toppers have revolutionised the rest concept. Tons of guests, with different constitutions and weights, stay at a hotel and this can have an impact on the mattress, even if its qualities are unbeatable. The bed of a hotel is characterised by the quality of the linens as well as by the comfort it provides during sleep. This causes the establishment to be remembered in a better or worse way, therefore the surface where the back rests during sleep is crucial.

The topper is thus the ideal partner for the mattress, as its advantages and its performance have turned it into an essential product in a hotel. A too hard mattress doesn’t conform to the body’s curves and a too soft one makes them sink, arching the back. So in the hotel world, it is difficult to get a mattress which everybody can enjoy. In this respect, toppers help mattresses conform to the physiognomy of each person with the right firmness, so the rest improves considerably.

It should also be taken into consideration that mattresses aren’t washable, so toppers protect them, extending their life cycle and improving their quality, whether they are new or used. In this way, there is a greater level of hygiene, since most toppers are washable, and this is also a significant money-saving feature.

The combination of the mattress and the topper offers also a great advantage that everyone highlights: it’s like sleeping on a cloud. As the topper is an overlay, it makes the mattress fluffier, gives a stability feeling and provides the perfect adjustment to the curves of the back. Therefore, it helps prevent pains and back injuries due to bad postures and it provides a really pleasant rest.