HospDay: professionalization and innovation in the hospitality sector

Resuinsa organised the first HospDay on 30 November, a meeting to discuss how the hospitality sector generates unique experiences for the travellers. The 8-star Michelin chef Martín Berasategui: our general manager, Félix Martí; the director of Carmela Martí Decoración, Mamen Pérez; the director of the Círculo Internacional de Directores de Hotel, Vicente Romero; the interior and graphic designer, Francesc Rifé; the president of Hostelco, Rafael Olmos; and the decorator and blogger of My Leitmotiv, Verónica Delgado, participated at this event.

In his remarks, Martí valued the professionalization of the hospitality sector when making the guests live an authentic experience they can take with them home. He also appreciated the innovation that is taking place among the hotel chains.

In this respect, he noted the RFID projects the company is working on in order to have a full traceability of their linen products using a microchip. “We are one of the first companies in the world to implement this initiative”, he added.

He also announced that Resuinsa already works in more than 100 countries. “The linen industry has been through a difficult period, however, through hard work and effort, we have now been rewarded”, he said.

For his part, Martín Berasategui, Resuinsa’s world ambassador, highlighted Barcelona’s consolidation as the capital of gastronomy and stated that gastronomic tourism plays a fundamental role when travellers choose a specific destination. According to the chef, this is achieved “through respect for the heritage received and teamwork”, and he added that “it is incredible when people get excited in your restaurant”.

At the event, he also exclusively announced that next March he will be awarded the Key of the City of Barcelona for his work.

Architecture and interior design

Mamen Pérez, who defined herself as “a passionate person about linens” and has also chosen the linens for several hotel establishments in Barcelona, says that “linens, and especially the textile interior design, provides comfort, warmth, personality, style, elegance and it is what guests or diners take with them home after spending a night in a hotel room or having dinner in a restaurant. Linens can change the ambiance and make it special”.

In this way, Francesc Rifé, whose studio is located in Barcelona, showed his main projects in restaurants, underlining the importance of creating spaces that can interact with diners without bothering them. He stated that the space can invite the customers to cosiness and comfort, and emphasized the role of light in providing warmth to these spaces.

Likewise, Verónica Delgado insisted that, to live an authentic experience, “you have to live the place and know that the place, the hotel or the restaurant has made you feel like at home”. In this regard, she said that a good meal, for example, must be accompanied by a good space, since “it all adds up, it is a set of feelings that surrounds the traveller as well as oneself”.

Hostelco Experience

The president of Hostelco, Rafael Olmos, explained ‘Hostelco Experience’, the novelty in the show Hostelco, which will take place from 16 to 19 April in Fira Barcelona. This initiative will allow the visitors to know first-hand all the feelings they can get in a hotel.

In this respect, the director of the Círculo Internacional de Directores de Hotel, Vicente Romero, highlighted the importance of a good management in an establishment, since “each guest is special”. Moreover, he emphasized that choosing good suppliers helps us to have quality products, from the restaurant supplies to the linens, so that the guests can take with them home that unique experience and, thus, we can improve customer loyalty.


The event, which was held at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, was attended by around one hundred people, most of them professionals in gastronomy, decoration, interior design and hotels. It should be noted that the event’s hashtag #HospDay was trending topic in Spain during its celebration.