Été Collection: brightly coloured table linens for summer

Summer means bright colours and radiance in linens with light textiles containing designs that highlight the happy, warm season.The Atelier Service by Carmela Martí at Resuinsa has imbued its Été Collection with the main elements representing the summer season, with a main design featuring lots of colour and playfulness for tables. The advisory service offers fully tailored textile designs that perfectly combine with the décor and identity of any establishment.

A pure white cover slip helps highlight the colour combination on the tablecloth design: bright pink and green tones (at the opposite ends of the colour scale) that extol the joy of the summer. In turn, parallel pink and green designs are also included in simple embroidery to give a special touch to the cover slip and a unique edge to each napkin.

The Été Collection is ideal for outdoor tables thanks to its design, contrasting colours and sense of optimism. The linen cloth is elegant and lovely to the touch, making it perfect for all kinds of outdoor events where hosts seek to delight diners. Moreover, the natural textile fibre adds extra softness and freshness, captivating the senses.

In this vein, dressing tables properly can turn any event, whether large or intimate, into one for the ages. Textiles are the essence of that underlying success, delighting diners and contributing to a warm, cosy atmosphere where details matter.

In addition to elegant design, the tablecloths also boost table hygiene. The best decoration in the world does nothing for an event if there are no linens on the tables to give a proper sense of cleanliness. In this sense, table lines offer the advantages of exclusivity and style, as well as greater freshness.