Design trends for summer 2019

Summer is a season that conjures joy, vitality and renewal, and design trends in décor reflect this across different elements, including textiles. In addition to opting for fresher and lighter materials such as cotton and linen, designs trends reflect what we most enjoy in each season of the year.

One of the most successful trends at the moment is flowers, especially in larger formats. Any textile is suitable for these designs, whether they be classic or more modern. Moreover, they can be combined with tropical patterns—a truly summery motif expressed through exotic birds or banana trees. Checks are also popular in many textile designs such as tablecloths, bed linen or cushion covers. In short, checks and flowers are the real stars of the summer season!

In terms of colours, intense energetic hues are this summer’s design trend, ensuring they do not go unnoticed. Yellow is characteristic of the season and will be seen on most textiles and accessories, either in patterns or as complementary colour tones. It is also part of Pantone’s seasonal selection through Aspen Gold, with golden hues having become a must-have of the season. The same goes for blue, especially in its stronger tones representing the sea or sky. In this vein, a yellow-blue combination, or even with hints of green, conjures feelings of freshness and nature harking to the open-air season.

We cannot, of course, overlook Pantone’s colour of the year: Living Coral. This orangey pink tone has many different nuances and symbolises joy and optimism. Textiles in this hue are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, transmitting a sense of warmth and energy. Living Coral has been used for several years in fashion and make up, joining the interior design palette from the start of this year. Nonetheless, it is ideal for the summer season.

Continuing with colours, pastels are also a decorating trend this season, following on from last year’s millennial pink. Indeed, Pantone highlights sweet lilac and pressed rose for this summer. Pastels such as beige will be highly visible in textile design, which can be easily combined with the brighter tones mentioned above.

In terms of textiles, plaids are on-trend in bedrooms this season and make for the perfect accessory to create a cosier space with a distinctive touch and lots of style. In addition, they are hugely practical since they protect the mattress and sheets from any dirt caused by resting tired feet. Then there are cushions of course—a key piece to combine with other textiles either in complementary hues or to mix with different designs such as flowers or stripes. 

A piece of advice: if you are looking to update your bedroom or any other space without making any major structural changes, then textiles are the way to go. By following the latest trends, you can achieve a unique modern ambience that matches each season of the year.