Essential beach towel trends for this summer

Beach and pool have become summer fashion hotspots to see the latest trends. Every accessory counts and towels cannot be last-minute when putting together a look as they also follow the latest fashion trends—as evidenced by Resuinsa’s latest selection

If there is one design that never fails, it is tropical patterns: lush designs of banana trees, birds, palm trees and exotic blooms continue to hold iconic status in beach towels. Meanwhile, geometry is also set to be top trend, especially stripes with triple mixes in the same colour hue.

Blue is one of this year’s top colours, and is also included in Resuinsa’s towel line. Styled in stripes or as a background dotted by floral patterns, the sea and sky envelope whoever is wraps themselves in their towel, in harmony with the same colour backwash of their surroundings.

This summer’s top blue is what Pantone terms Princess Blue—a vibrant hue that perfectly combines with contrasting colour palettes. Other trending colours set to be regular features on beach towels this summer, as selected by Pantone, include Turmeric, (lively orange), Living Coral and Lemon Verbena (a very warm yellow).

In this sense, bright colours are the way to go for on-trend beach towels. Nonetheless, pastels such as Sweet Lilac pink are also popular, paired with green, red or neutral accessories and contrasted with overlapping patterns or even bathing suits.

In addition to the design, materials are also important given towels are used both for drying off and for comfort. The perfect material is 100% pure cotton, being easy to carry and providing a touch of freshness to counter the heat.