2017: a year in which we have consolidated our position at the top of the sector

2017 has been the year in which we have consolidated our position in the market, since the turnover has again exceeded €40 million -41-. Thus, we remain as the leader company in the sector, both in Spain and in Europe, and we are one of the five world’s top companies.

The external growth has been one of our main assets, especially in the US market, where we doubled sales last year. In fact, 2017 marked five years of Resuinsa’s presence in the USA, where we already work for more than 50 hotels.

According to our general manager, Félix Martí, “during these years, we have experienced an unstoppable growth in the US market and, now, a Spanish company is able to compete with the most important US companies and with the Italian ones, which have always had a strong presence there”.

Moreover, we opened a new office in the city centre of Charleston (South Carolina) last year. “In 2018 we’re going to keep the focus on this market, expanding our business into new territories and customers. We know that the product that succeeds here can have global visibility”, has pointed out Martí. So, exports have accounted for 40% of the business and this is reflected in an increase of customers, with already a total of 8.000 distributed over more than 100 countries. New markets have also been opened in Serbia, Mauritania, the Comoros, Nigeria, Tanzania or Georgia, among others.

In this regard, our general manager has underlined the work we are doing every day to offer “a maximum quality product, which is what customers are demanding, as well as the customization of the linen design. The latter has become a world trend and we provide it through the service Atelier.” To this we can add our commitment to innovation and technology, with projects focusing on smart linens, which are being developed in collaboration with AITEX and the CDTI.