The ideal summer accessories: pool towels and textiles on Balinese beds

Summer is around the corner, so the beach and the pool are becoming the most popular places to have a nice time relaxing. This is why hotels are paying special attention to towels, a summertime essential, in terms of quality and design. In fact, they are increasingly following the latest global trends, thereby giving guests the opportunity to flaunt exclusive items.

There is a whole range of designs for establishments to choose from according to their decoration and personality, although their decision will always depend on fashion trends. Plants and tropical motifs are still in vogue this season: palm trees, jungle leaves, and flowers carry us off to the tropical surroundings we dream of. Nautical and marine motifs, such as anchors, fish, corals or waves, decorate towels, wrapping us in a blue sea.

Geometric patterns also take centre stage, so we can find towels with circles, triangles, rectangles, or more abstract figures. And let’s not forget stripes, unfailingly stylish, usually combining white with a trendy solid colour, like this year’s Ultra Violet.

Towels are not only used to take them to the swimming pool or the beach, but have a wide range of uses. For example, there are specific pareo towels for sun loungers, which you can use either to lie on or to wrap yourself in, as well as towels made exclusively for Balinese beds. The latter are increasingly popular in hotels and resorts, so they must be well dressed and textiles are an essential decorative element.

It should be taken into account that Balinese beds must use specialised outdoor fabrics, as they have to be able to withstand rain, humidity, chlorine from the pool, etc. This is why the fabrics we use are 100% acrylic with a soft touch very similar to cotton; they are highly resistant to light and weathering and also have anti-stain, anti-mould, and water-repellent properties.

White takes the spotlight in the textiles of these chill-out nooks, with very natural-looking curtains of flowing fabric. Additionally, more daring colour combinations are being introduced, such as different shades within the same colour range; for example, by playing with a blue colour range or by mixing colours like red and blue. Tropical and geometric motifs are also being introduced—especially in cushions—as they offer an original and unique touch without being excessive.

Besides, fashion encourages you to take the towel, with all its matching accessories, to the pool or to the beach: it is the must-have for this summer season we are about to start.