Springtime buds with the Printemps linen collection

Flowers announce the arrival of spring and their joyful colours bud all around, including in fashion, décor and linens. The Printemps Collection of linens from the Atelier Service by Carmela Martí at Resuinsa takes springtime as its inspiration to offer well-dressed tables with a tablecloth and cover slip highlighting the on-trend, soft-hue, delicate pastel colours.

The result is truly spring-like: the tablecloth has an exquisite floral combination in blue and yellow, alongside brown leaves on a beige backdrop that perfectly blend with the cover slip tones. The final flourish is a blue piping edge to give an elegant touch with matching napkins.

In this sense, nature becomes the star and flows with a springtime print of seasonal flowers. The Printemps linen collection is ideal for enjoying both indoor and outdoor meals. Finally, the linen fabric adds a sense of freshness, lightness and quality to delight diners with a well-dressed table.