RESUINSA at the Kuramathi Island Resort

RESUINSA at the Kuramathi Island ResortRESUINSA at the Kuramathi Island Resort
RESUINSA is providing the most innovative and best quality products for 160 rooms at one of the greatest and most luxurious hotels of the Maldives Islands. This new agreement makes the company the biggest Spanish textile service provider in the Maldives.
RESUINSA arrives at the Maldives Islands and their crystal clear waters by dressing the 160 rooms of the great and luxurious Kuramathi Island Resort. Present in more than 80 countries, and with a consolidated brand in the international market, Resuinsa has now entered the Maldives, representing the Spanish textile industry on the islands.
Apart from the light and comfort of this resort in the Indian Ocean, the guests of this great luxury hotel can enjoy the quality of the towels, bathrobes and bed linen, which are made of the best raw materials. The linen is among our most innovative products, respecting our policy of continuous commitment to innovation. This philosophy is captured in the development of new products like textile with intelligent technology and articles of highly added value for the hotel industry developed in collaboration with the CDTI (Industrial Technological Development Centre).
In words of our CEO, Félix Martí: ‘being present in the Kuramathi Island Resort, a luxurious hotel in such an exclusive touristic destination as the Maldives Islands, means a great to us, and this is a real motivation to keep working and committing to the internationalisation of our company’.