Resuinsa: 360° Textiles

A garage showroom. Choosing a cold dark setting such as this, which is not necessarily conducive for presenting textile products, could at first sign seem to miss the target. However, Resuinsa has selected an underground garage at its offices on purpose, as a challenge to the inventiveness and innovation of textile design as an architectural feature. The result is ‘360° Textiles’, an astonishing space designed by BoMa, an innovative architecture and design practice, alongside Carmela Martí, a specialist textile interior design firm.

When entering the garage from the offices, visitors come face-to-face with a futuristic setting: a large circular structure powerfully lit in white light. The continuous piece does not reveal what could be inside, yet at once the surrounding space with its inhospitable colours and parking spaces fades away for visitors, being completely eclipsed by the unusual structure. Through a simple mechanism, the large light screen opens to show a till-now hidden entrance that leads to a surprising showroom where visitors can discover Resuinsa products across several areas.

The warm interior twinned with the lighting, colours, air conditioning and textile products themselves welcome whoever comes into this revolutionary showroom. Nobody would say we are in a parking garage! Indeed, the feeling is akin to an international trade fair or even a museum. The interior houses an intelligent and concise demonstration of textile architecture, where curtains are used to delimit spaces, functioning as both a party wall and a light diffuser. Everything that surrounds visitors, from the flooring to the lighting, is made from textiles and used as a frame to display the latest innovations from Resuinsa.

The circular route inside leads through spaces that showcase all products to clients in context, combining them with other elements, providing inspiration for decoration and highlighting the company’s wares. Bathed by meticulous lighting, visitors move through different spaces such as a bathroom, bedroom or living room, without ever glimpsing what the next one will be, keeping anticipation high. The last area is a work space, an office where Resuinsa can help visitors and which itself surprises thanks to the hidden textile cupboard that remains imperceptible until a curtain is drawn.

According to the firm, the idea behind the project came about from the ‘company constantly seeking to innovate’, seeing textiles ‘as a creator of experiences’ and in a desire to take this concept to its ultimate expression through this 360° Textiles showroom. The space demonstrates the power of textiles to transform their surroundings and their ability to create warm, comfortable atmospheres in any setting.