New corporate image

Refreshing renovation of RESUINSA’s corporate image.

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, Resuinsa is launching a newly renovated corporate image. This is the most important global change of image in our history and includes the renovation of the logo, the communication campaigns and the headquarters.

Resuinsa celebrates the 40th anniversary in 2016 in a moment of growth and positive visions for the future. This is also a moment of reflection and planning in order to consolidate the company to be ready for a new era.

The most revolutionary image change is the new logo, an evolution of the former brand that has been on the market in different versions for more than 39 years. With the capital R of Resuinsa as the main symbol in white on black, the new brand achieves greater visibility and impact. The result is a modern and contemporary brand that reflects a new era for the company in the hospitality textile sector.

The new logo has been applied since the launch of the new national communication campaign. The campaign comprises a series of advertisements that tell different stories about a day full of experiences, in front of a comfortable and luxurious hotel bed, like the ones Resuinsa offer.

The last corporate image renovation, less visible but even more relevant, is the change of headquarters from an old palace, to a new building on the Mediterranean beachfront. The modern glass and steel building gathers all the managerial and administration departments in two floors. The spectacular location on the beachfront, allows enjoying the daylight in a diaphanous and transparent atmosphere, with a view worthy of the best luxury hotel.

With this complete renovation a new era begins for Resuinsa, with innovation, expansion and worldwide growth strategies, we are ready to celebrate our 40th anniversary!