New bed linen collection with fresh sateen finish for summer nights

Resuinsa’s R&D department has achieved a natural touch for the bed linen, recovering thus, the fresh feeling of clean bed sheets, processed in an artisan way.
Our R&D department has created a new collection of bed sheets with a fresh sateen finishing touch, in order to alleviate the heat of the summer nights. We have achieved a natural finish in a contemporary product that recovers the fresh sensation of handcrafted bed linen from former generations.
This collection has been created taking into account the seasonal needs of the clients in warmer areas. The material used to elaborate the linen is 100% cotton with a 300 thread count.
With this new range of fresh sateen linen we present a new innovative product, a distinctive feature of our textile products, and a solution to one of the consumer needs in countries with high temperatures: the desire to cover up in bed during summer nights without feeling too warm.
Innovation in textile products
Our CEO Félix Martí explains: ‘although this product can be used during the whole year, it is recommended for the hottest months, to be able to cover up without feeling hot nor oppressed’.
The R&D department of Resuinsa have finally achieved, after many years of investigation, the perfect bed linen to provide the ideal fresh sateen finish for summer nights.