Natural bamboo covers for Balinese beds and the wellness sector

Natural bamboo textile covers provide greater softness, absorption and antibacterial qualities in the finished product and an increased durability.

Our R&D&i department has produced bamboo covers intended mainly for Balinese beds and SPAs in resorts and luxury hotels of the wellness sector. This type of product is aimed at hotels and luxury resorts, the brand’s main clients throughout the 5 continents.

The advantages of bamboo textile

Bamboo is an innovative textile that has many benefits that include a softer touch, greater absorption capacity and increased antibacterial qualities compared to traditional cotton textile.

The elaboration with bamboo allows for a hypoallergenic finish that doesn´t irritate the skin. In the same sense, it provides greater resistance and durability since it maintains its qualities throughout laundry procedures. Considering that this textile is essentially used for Balinese beds that are generally located in gardens and hotel exteriors, resistance is a very beneficial feature. In addition to its beauty and pleasant touch, it should be noted that bamboo is a natural product, from a fast-growing plant that does not need pesticides or fertilizers, and therefore is environmentally friendly.

What are Balinese beds?

Balinese beds or chill out beds are very common in Asia. They are designed for resting and relaxing outdoors or for garden and pool areas. It is a bed meant for one or two people with a four-column frame, similar to a canopy bed. They usually have curtains to avoid mosquito bites, but they are also known for their seductive and decorative aspect.

Always R&D&i

The Balinese bed covers are an example of our commitment to innovation in textile products for the HORECA industry. We have always sought to take part in R&D&I projects, on our own or along with Aitex, as reference in environmental, safety, health and comfort certifications, resulting in increasingly new improved hotels, restaurants and SPA products.

Experts in SPA products

Were you aware that we have a division that specialises in developing equipment and SPAs with items specifically designed for this type of establishment? For a number of years now, bamboo has played an important role in our products such as towels, bathrobes and SPA and Wellness accessories, especially for luxury and high-end products, where the main goal is client care.