Why Are Hotel Sheets and Towels Always White?

Have you ever wondered why hotels only carry white hotel sheets and towels? Color yourself surprised when you learn exactly why your favorite hotel chains make this choice.

Here are the exact reasons why you’ll hardly catch a hotel with sheets and towels that are anything but white:

1. Cleanliness without a doubt.

When it comes to hotel sheets, you’d think that hotels would naturally gear towards colorful sheets, which can easily hide stains. But that just comes off sneaky and is exactly what hotel owners are trying to veer away from when they started using white sheets and towels. The immaculate white hotel sheets and towels cultivate a sense of exceptional cleanliness, leaving no room for doubt on the part of the guests – and without room for complacency or error for the hotel staff.

2. Expression of luxury.

White has always been associated luxury. In fact, in the period before Queen Victoria’s wedding to Albert, whose white wedding dress precipitated the rise of white as the color of choice for wedding gowns everywhere, the color white was only used as a status symbol. Only women with enough disposable income dared to wear white – to weddings or otherwise – because of the impracticality of its care. Where colorful gowns are easier to clean up as they can easily camouflage stains, white is easily ruined forever by a single stain. And so, whenever you feel extra rich and extra indulgent at the sight of layers upon layers of fluffy, pristine white sheets, towels, and robes in your hotel room, it’s not just you – it’s in the inner workings of history embedded in your mind! White makes you feel rich.

3. Convenience and ease of doing laundry.

Aside from obvious aesthetic reasons, white hotel sheets and towels are a pragmatist’s best choice. Working with different colors means washing your linens in different batches so as not to run the risk of bleeding between colors. White means everything can easily and quickly go together in a single wash cycle.

Quality Over Everything Else: The Best Source for Hotel Sheets and Towels

While the color of your linens gives your hotel a sense of luxury,  it’s the quality of the linens that truly define a luxurious feel. No amount of white linens can mask poor stitching, inferior fabric, and the scratchy feel of lower-quality hotel sheets and towels.

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