What TOG value do your hotel’s duvets need?

The TOG value is widely used in Europe. But do we know what it means? It is a measure to rate the thermal capacity of duvets, in other words, it measures the insulance of a fabric. To do so, a common established value is used to define the warmth and resistance of the materials usually employed in the linen industry, so that there is a unification of the European standards of the products in the intra-Community market.

How is the TOG value calculated?  It is equal to ten times the temperature difference between the two surfaces of a material, when the heat flow is equal to one watt per square metre. The higher the TOG value, the greater is the heat retention capacity, and vice versa.

Since 2011 Resuinsa has the TOG certificate  in all of the duvets and their synthetic and natural fillings, in accordance with European standard UNE-EN 31092:2006. Thus, AITEX, in its thermal resistance tests, certificates the TOG values of Resuinsa’s duvets, all of them with a TOG value according to the characteristics of each product.

The TOG value is of paramount importance, since duvets are not seasonal. They are also used in the summer and in warmer areas, because air conditioners are always running in many hotels and they are useful for cold-natured guests.