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Turn a Twin Bed into a King with Quality Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are a clever idea for increasing your hotel’s room rental options for guests. Toppers not only provide more options, but will also impress guests looking to upgrade from a dual twin bed. 

What Quality Mattress Toppers Can Do for You

For any couple used to sharing the same bed, having to stay in a room with two twins can be disconcerting. The hotel that comes to the rescue with a quality mattress topper will certainly stay in their minds.

Solve Issues

Hotels should feel like a home away from home. That mission doesn’t include forcing alternative sleeping arrangements because of a lack of facility. Too many hotels cause more problems for their guests when they should be solving them. Too often you hear about hidden fees, misplaced reservations, and lacking accommodations. 

The hotel experience has been made a regretful one far too many times. But, if you’re a problem solver, you’re way ahead of the competition. Part of being a problem solver is predicting issues before they have the chance to happen. Turning twin beds into a single king bed is one of those potential issues that your hotel can expertly solve.  

Keep Reservations

If you’ve ever lost a room because the guest was adamant about having a king bed, that will never happen again. The guest on the way out due to lack of a king size mattress can be told “hold on, we can have a king bed ready for you in ten minutes. Is that suitable?” 

Most people, particularly those in a hurry to find the ideal accommodations, will be hard pressed to say no and keep walking. 

Protect the Mattress

A quality mattress topper will also protect the mattresses that it’s combining. The extra layer is thick enough to conceal the split between the beds. It protects the mattresses themselves from any offense. 

Additionally, a quality mattress topper keeps twin beds in use longer. Thanks to the extra covering of the plush, seamless mattress cover, any stiffness in the mattress will be unfelt. 

Importance of Quality Mattress Toppers

A quality mattress topper creates a seamless combination. If the division is felt or disrupts sleeping, your guests might feel cheated and taken advantage of. Though it’s not true, they’ll feel like they paid more for king quality when they could have gotten the twin bed room for less. The only difference in these two scenarios is a quality mattress topper. 

Other Purposes

In addition to joining beds, mattress toppers are useful for a multiple of things. They are a revolutionary product for the hospitality industry. Because guests have a variety of constitutions and weights, they can have an impact on the mattress. The topper is the ideal partner for the mattress, as its advantages and its performance have turned it into an essential product in a hotel.

RESUINSA Is Your Quality Mattress Topper Expert

If you’re looking for reliable quality, time-tested craftsmanship, and top-notch products, RESUINSA is your mattress topper supplier. With over 43 years in the textile industry, RESUINSA has what it takes to provide great textile products. 

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