What You Need to Know About Thread Count in Hotel Sheets

As you begin the search for the best sheets for your hotel business, you may discover various marketing terms loosely used regarding bed linens. One common term you may be struggling to understand is thread count.

It may seem as though the brands that claim to have higher thread count sheets have higher-quality linens.

But the reality is that thread count is only one factor that determines the quality of linen, and that high thread count sheets are not the same as high-quality sheets. Therefore, when selecting linens for your hotel business it is important to understand the role that thread count plays in linen quality, but also what else determines a great bed sheet.

Here are the things to consider when selecting your hotel’s bed linens:

What is thread count?

Thread count is the number of threads that run horizontally and vertically per square inch. The idea is that as the thread count grows, so does the softness of the sheet.

What makes the high thread count myth false?

The myth that high thread count sheets are softer and better is false because companies can find loopholes when coming up with their thread count number. Some will use cheaper, low-quality materials and will simply use thread with more ply – a layer of material that is then twisted with another. What this does is make it so that you can’t tell that the fabric is actually not very durable, simultaneously not actually making the sheet any softer. The ply is then used when calculating the total thread count.

For example, a sheet with 3-ply may be marketed at TC600. But in reality that 600 number is not coming from the true and honest number of threads as each ply is not an accurate representation of how many threads there are. That means that 600 is just the total after multiplying the original, real thread count by 3. This means a sheet with TC600 can be the same thing as a sheet marketed at TC200.

Because of this, the marketed thread count number is not the best determinant of whether or not a sheet is low or high quality.

What factors should you look for instead?

At Resuinsa, our linens are the high-quality solutions your high-end hotel needs. Some of the factors that we consider in the process of developing our supply include:


We use the best quality cotton and polyester materials for our bed linens. We offer a variety of basic sheets, offered in either 100% cotton or in 50% polyester and 50% cotton. These materials are excellent for keeping guests cool at night, are durable to withstand laundry practices and are light, aiding in nighttime comfort.


Sheets from Europe as opposed to sheets from Asia are going to have a different feel, especially if you base your purchase off of thread count. This is because of where the raw materials originate. Europe’s climate is the most ideal for growing fibrous plants which can then be woven into soft, light sheets. Therefore, 180 thread count sheets from Asia are going to feel different than 180 thread count sheets from Europe. For softer, more durable sheets, we source our linens from plants grown in Europe.

To learn more about our quality linens and the other items we offer for hotels and restaurants, contact us at usa@resuinsa.com.