The five most original hotels in the world


Want to sleep in a bubble, in an ice palace or hanging from a mountain? It is no longer enough for a hotel to be placed in the city centre: many establishments look for unexpected places or different architectural styles to attract a public seeking different experiences.

We have compiled the five most original hotels in the world, each with its own special feature. Which one would you stay in?

1.- Atrap’Reves-Allauch (France). The so-called “bubble hotel” was designed to provide its guests real contact with nature, not forgetting the conveniences of a hotel, such as the Jacuzzi or the meals. Each bubble room is independent, although it is true that its transparency means that there isn’t much privacy.


2.- Hotel The Glace (Canada). In Quebec you can find a hotel which was entirely built with ice, even the beds are made of frozen water. Although it is not suitable for cold-natured people, it also has a spa and a sauna, even a fireplace in each suite, and a good restaurant with hot food. The hotel has a different theme every year and in 2017 it will focus on the North Pole in order to make people aware of the beauty and the charm of this area. This exhibition will be integrated into the original architectural design of the hotel.

Hotel The Glace

3.- Palacio de Sal (Bolivia). The Salar de Uyuni is one of the world’s largest salt flats, a piece of nature’s art that has been used to build this fabulous hotel. Its 42 rooms are made of salt and offer spectacular views. Moreover, it has a lookout point to gaze at the immense salt flat and its starry nights, which have delighted more than one.


4.- Skylodge Adventures Suites (Peru). Rooms hanging, literally, from the mountain, that’s what you’ll find in this hotel, which is placed near Cusco, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The rooms are designed to sleep under the stars and they boast all services. We don’t recommend them to people with fear of heights, because they offer views towards the abyss of the mountain. In addition, you can reach the room capsule with a zip-line, or with a via ferrata to enter it afterwards through a hatchway. A total adventure.


5.- Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Zanzibar). On this remote island you can find one of the most luxurious and original hotels. The rooms are on the Indian Ocean and offer impressive blue views. This underwater accommodation floats in the water and has three levels (two of them are above water level and the other one below the water’s surface). You can also choose a room in the garden.


In addition to these options, you can also find hotels inside an airplane, in rescue capsules on the high seas, on trees or in cars. As for hotels, there’s no accounting for taste!