The Benefits of RFID Technology

You’ve probably heard the term RFID technology thrown around regarding every possible thing you can think of – from wallets to casino chips even to animals. But each of its uses are very different.

With its wide variety of uses, you may be left questioning what exactly this technology is and how it can be useful to you as a business owner.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and functions very similarly to a barcode in that both are scannable technologies. While there are many similarities and differences between the two types of technology, one difference rings true: while barcodes are easy to spot, RFID is unnoticeable to the hotel guest and almost invisible to the naked eye. This gives your business the chance to track your supply without interfering with the aesthetic of your linens.

RFID for the Linen Industry

Whether you are a linen rental company or a hotel outsourcing the laundering of your linens, you should know the benefits of linens with RFID technology.

If you are a hotel:

When you outsource bedding and more to your local laundry service, a concern that may come up is how accurate the orders are. You may question whether they are providing you with the same number of linens that you gave them.

When you purchase linens that contain RFID chips, this question is easily answered. Upon pickup and delivery of your supply, you can see how many of your linens have been picked up and how many have been delivered back to you.

If you are a linen rental service:

Supplying linens with RFID chips can benefit your laundry because not only do you give clients the peace of mind that comes from being able to see where their linens are in the laundering process, but you can also create more accurate billing based on how many linens you are providing, picking up, laundering and dropping off for customers.

Measuring per product is more accurate and a more fair system of pricing than charging per pound. Because counting every single sheet and towel that comes in and out of your facility is tedious work, RFID helps you save time while simultaneously bringing in more business from potential customers that appreciate the accuracy of your deliveries and billing.

Finding hotel linens with RFID tracking is difficult, though, because most chips are not resistant to the intense washing conditions hotel linens must undergo, unless you get your hotel linens from Resuinsa. At Resuinsa, we sell high-quality linens containing UHF microchips that are resistant to industrial-washing. We provide linens to both hotel linen rental companies as well as for direct purchase to hotels.

For accuracy and convenience, look no further than hotel linens from Resuinsa. To learn more about our high-quality linens embedded with RFID technology, give us a call at 843-818-3036.