Shall we take the duvet off?

Spring has arrived and with it comes the sought-after good weather. We are already looking forward to the wardrobe transition and the new season clothes, eager to use them for the first time and to wear again the garments at the back of the drawers. This change in the weather influences also the bedding we choose. It isn’t hot yet, but the cold is getting away, so the question arises as to whether the duvet should be removed and replaced by a quilt or whether it should be used for another month.

Duvets are mainly used in winter. When the cold spell hits at the end of November, cold-natured people start dusting off their duvets from the wardrobe. But what happens when spring returns? People start to take them off at the end of April if the weather allows it. However, all this depends on each person and on how the weather is at that moment.

Nevertheless, duvets are not synonymous with cold. However, in hotels, duvets are used until summer and even in warmer regions, since the air conditioning is always on and many people need them. Thus, remarkably, duvets can be found in the rooms of many establishments in the Caribbean.

And what if, in a couple, one feels hot and the other feels cold? There are solutions for everything. You have the option of putting together a thicker quilt and a thinner one side-by-side with fasteners. There’s no arguing anymore.

Likewise, there is a between-seasons bedding product: the night quilts. These weigh less and keep us warm enough in spring not to feel cold in those nights in which the heat hasn’t totally arrived yet. There are 100% cotton quilts and cotton-polyester blend ones, and they are all ideal for spring, rejecting other bedding items, such as the blankets, which are warmer and heavier.

Quilts are designed stylishly, from the most sophisticated pieces to the most traditional ones, to provide a pleasant ambiance in the room in line with its decoration. This element has become an important lure, since it dresses the bed elegantly and provides great comfort in this time of the year. In addition, it is easy to wash, a factor that has to be taken into account, because once the duvet is taken off, it must be clear to us how to clean it according to its indications.


In this respect, quilts are also a product to bear in mind when choosing the linens of a hotel to provide the guests an optimal rest. In Resuinsa we offer high quality quilts with different patterns, that are durable but elegant, to dress the bed perfectly and give the room a simple and stylish touch.