Sector-specific training, an indispensable commitment of the big companies

Transferring the experience, the successes and the failures of the big companies to the very youngest among us is a guarantee for the future of a country’s economy. Therefore, training the students and the professional of the different sectors is essential so that they can absorb and stay up-to-date with the necessary knowledge from those companies that have solidified their position in the market.

The hotel and catering industry cannot be unaware of training, an important aspect Resuinsa has supported in recent years to offer its know-how as well as its 40 years’ experience operating on a national and international scale. “A company committed to society and concerned about the professionalization of its sector has to share its knowledge. Thanks to our participation in training, we, as entrepreneurs and managers with an extensive experience in the market, help the workers and the future workers in the sector find out about success stories like ours”, explains the general manager of Resuinsa, Félix Martí.

This training targets mainly young people, who could be leading a company in the future. “Our goal is to be able to know first-hand their questions and suggestions in order to help them and share with them the information we consider significant and useful for them. They get the opportunity to discuss and ask questions to a specialist in the field”, explains Martí, who on two occasions has provided training in the course ‘The A to Z of internationalization’ in the business school EDEM in Valencia.

In these talks the students were provided with knowledge about the most representative international markets and the tools for the integral management of the international business development, since Resuinsa is ranked among the five greatest companies in the world in the hotel and catering industry.

Accordingly, Martí points out that the strategy and the professionalization “are the foundations of internationalization, and this is what I try to teach. It is not possible to understand the future of Resuinsa and the big companies, unless it is in an international setting. For this reason, one of the things I tell them is that, to understand the world situation, it is necessary to set up an appropriate strategy depending on four pillars: main productive areas, competition, markets and customers. And, above all, the importance of teamwork.

Training inside the hotel and catering sector itself is one of the projects of Resuinsa. One of the most recent training courses was provided for the workers of ADAVIR nursing homes, whose managers, housekeeping managers, cleaning staff and laundry staff already took a course last year. On this occasion, ‘The optimization of textile products’ was the topic discussed so that the workers find out about the different textile concepts, the linens in nursing homes, the analysis of the processes in their treatment and the optimization of the textile equipment.

Resuinsa has provided other courses in the Centre of Tourism Development Costa Adeje in Tenerife, directed at the housekeeping managers of the different hotels on the island. “Once again, we want to show our commitment to training and the professionalization in the hotel sector. Housekeeping managers are of vital importance for the operation of hotels and, in most cases, the fact that the customers end up enjoying a perfect experience during their stay is dependent on them”, says Martí.

In short, as Resuinsa’s general manager notes, “the need of training in this sector is obvious, so we wanted to do our bit and transfer our knowledge, with our success stories and problems, so that it can be helpful for them on a daily basis”.