Sales record in 2016

We end 2016 with a new sales record after reaching a turnover of 41 million euros. It is a good item of news, since it means a 26% increase compared to the previous year, placing a Spanish company in this industry amongst the most important ones in the world.

Exports account for 40% of the company’s business, so the international strategy continuous to consolidate. This way, the company ended 2016 with presence in 90 countries and 7,000 customers, and these figures will also continue to increase with sights on 2019, when it plans to have presence in 120 countries.

We are thus still the leader in Spain in this industry, achieving a turnover three times greater than the companies that come next in the chart. We are also the first European company specialized in linens for the hotel industry in terms of turnover and we are one of the five largest companies in the world in terms of sales volume.

Coinciding with the publication of this balance, Félix Martí, the general manager of the company, has told that Spain “is well known beyond its borders for its hotel and catering industry and, from Resuinsa, we are contributing to this. We are thus competing at the level of great Italian design companies, that, to date, have set the trend, and also of big USA companies that spread throughout America and Europe“.

“Therefore, we are working so that a company from our country gets a place amongst the leading ones, focusing on innovation, design and products with the highest quality“, he has stressed.

New overseas company in Costa Rica

Furthermore, we have opened a new overseas company, namely in Costa Rica, which adds up to the already operating ones in Cape Verde, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, USA and Sri Lanka. “We have started the year creating a ‘hub’ in Central America, since we work with some customers in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and, moreover, with this new overseas company, we cover the entire Caribbean region“, has explained Martí.

Regarding this, he has pointed out that the Spanish hotel chains Meliá, Barceló and RIU are already operating in Costa Rica, together with other hotel chains from the USA, among other countries. “Our customers are located in the metropolitan area of the Costa Rica capital, San José, which has one million inhabitants, and also in the most touristic area, Guanacaste“, has said Martí and he has also added that Resuinsa also works with important social clubs in this area, such as the Country Club. “With this new overseas company, called Recorli, we reinforce and serve the needs of our customers in this area at first hand with a sound structure“, he has told.

Resuinsa ended the previous year with the opening of its last company, until that date, namely the one in Sri Lanka. The company has also celebrated in 2016 its 40th anniversary signing the eight Michelin start chef Martín Berasategui as its ambassador in the world. A “business marriage” to strengthen Resuinsa’s image, matching the quality of the linens produced by the company with the quality of the dishes by the Basque chef and the worldwide valued Spanish cuisine.