Revamping Your Pool and Spa for Summer

The sun is out, the heat is on – and your hotel’s pool and spa will be the most hotly anticipated spot for this season’s guests! Have you equipped your pool and spa enough to get that five-star review?

If you have not prepped your swimming pools and spas just yet, don’t fret: we have a few tricks up our sleeves, from pool linens to pool parties, that you can use to take your hotel’s summer features several notches up and ahead of the competition.

5 Ways to Improve Your Pool and Spa Area

The best part about these revamping tips is that they do not require massive overhauls and major renovations! It’s a careful mixture of adding some things and taking out some things to usher in 2019’s best summer trends for hotel pools and spas!

1. New furniture

pool furniture

The age of the monochromatic nudes and clean whites is just about over and 2019 is all about the dark, the clean, and the minimalist and this translates to your pool and spa furniture as well! So, change up some accents into the darker shades. Go for darker tones for your lounge chairs, cushions, massage tables and pillows/linens, or accentuate the bar with darker moldings and corners.

2. Improved acoustics

pool acoustics

There is nothing like a well-curated playlist and a well-engineered sound system to bring in the summer vibe for your pool and spa areas. Invest in smart technology to provide a more user-centered experience for your guests so they can each decide how they want their summer songs to be.  

3. Better lighting

pool lighting

Lighting is one of those things that you can change and make updates on very minimally but still expect maximum impact. Whether it’s your aquatic lights in your pool or mood lights in both pool and spa areas, you can rest assured that a little change goes a long way.

4. Themed services and events

pool party

Nothing says summer like a pool party. Create maximum impact and opportunities for an unforgettable stay for your guests by styling summer-themed events and creating spaces for these events. It could be as simple as s’mores nights with brand new mini fire pits or a full-on pool movie experience with a projection screen over the pool that your guests will be talking about in the seasons and other summers to come.  

5. Step up your linens

Aside from lighting, there is one other thing in your pool and spa aesthetics that you can make minimal changes to, but still get maximum impact: linens. The simplest shifts in your color palette or some extra monogramming can quickly and effortlessly set the tone you are trying to create for your pool and spa aesthetics. Make a splash with your bath and spa towels!

You don’t have to re-do your entire pool and spa to create a dreamy summer paradise for your guests. Follow these tips to get big results with small steps!

Interested in pool linens?

RESUINSA has the summer linen options that your hotel pool and spa is looking for! Contact us today or check out our catalogs to find out what we have in store for your brand.