Resuinsa’s year of internationalisation

For Resuinsa, this has been the year of internationalisation. In addition to opening new companies abroad, like the one in Sri Lanka, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the eight-star Michelin chef Martín Berasategui, who has become our worldwide ambassador. Indeed, we celebrated our 40th anniversary together with the cook.

We are already feeling the internationalisation and we will continue to feel it, year after year. Now we are present in 81 countries, but we plan to reach 120 within three years. This situation has already been reflected at the trade fairs in which we are participating and in the good reception reported by foreign visitors. This way, at Equip Hotel Paris our stand received visitors from 50 different nationalities. While most of the visitors, 66% of the total were French, Resuinsa also received visitors in this industry coming from Algeria, Belgium, Guadeloupe, Italy, Russia, Tunisia, Spain., United Arab Emirates, Madagascar, Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy….

Although on a more limited scale, the international scope of our company was reflected also at Hostelco. Resuinsa’s stand there received people from other countries, such as Andorra, Morocco, United Arab Emirates or Portugal; however, almost 80% of the visitors were Spanish, given that this event is targeted at the industry in Spain.

All in all, the facts demonstrate the international reach of the company, which we wanted to reinforce on the occasion of our 40th anniversary. The presence in other countries has become one of the strategies to be followed, without forgetting our values: quality, transparency and commitment, achieved thanks to all the work gained over the last forty years.