Resuinsa´s sustainable masks, protect your health and our seas.

The use of masks in most countries is compulsory and will be with us for a long time. Unfortunately, the use of masks has created an issue with regards to waste and our seas are likely to pay the consequence.

At the end of May, a group of divers plunged into the waters of the Mediterranean in France. What they discovered in its depths has to be a wake-up call to realize what awaits us, for the next few years, not only this summer. Gloves and masks are not degradable, so they can last hundreds of years in the oceans. It is the first ecological footprint of this crisis, added to the increase in the use of plastic, it would be a huge reversal on the road to sustainability.

The UN estimates that 13 million tons of plastic are thrown into the sea each year, only in the Mediterranean, 570,000 tons end up, the equivalent of 33,800 plastic bottles per minute.

It is undeniable that the sudden cessation of economical activities to stem the spread of the pandemic has led to some positive environmental developments. The hole in the Ozone layer in the Arctic is closing and the quality of air and water has been significantly improved.

At Resuinsa, with our firm commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, we have focused our R & D & i and our efforts to develop sustainable hygienic mask: reusable and recyclable with a proven durability of more than 30 washes. In addition, they are made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton and have FFP2 equivalency, protecting the user and others, in accordance with the new Standard UNE-0065: 2020.

We would like to avoid at all costs that the current health crisis turns into an ecological one.

Help us to create a better world!