Resuinsa’s service Atelier works in different projects in Dubai

Hotels look for themed linens to dress up their rooms, restaurants or spas. The customization and the singularity of the establishments is an added value, which can be achieved thanks to services like Resuinsa’s Atelier. It is a successful formula in the hospitality sector that has resulted in a trend that has been borne out by the big hotel groups around the world, since it helps improve the customer satisfaction and means an added attraction.

Ever since Resuinsa launched the service Atelier last October, it has received numerous requests to create unique and elegant quality linens. So, this service develops products for hotels that dress up any type of atmosphere. This has a big impact on customers, motivating new experiences that make the stay even more special. Moreover, thanks to these new sensations, a greater guest loyalty towards the hotel is generated.

Among the multiple projects that Atelier is developing at the moment, we should point out the ones carried out in Dubai, where there is a high demand due to the World Exhibition which will be held in 2020. This global event is the first to take place in the MENA & SA region (Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia) and it will be located halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The capital city of the United Arab Emirates will reach 100.000 hotel rooms for the 2020 Expo, which entails hundreds of hotels under construction, since 20 million visitors are expected.

Therefore, the service Atelier has started to work in different projects following the idiosyncrasy of the hotel establishment that has requested it. Furthermore, Resuinsa is going to participate at the Gulfhost Exhibition, which is part of the Dubai International Hospitality Week and takes place together with the Hotel Show. This event has become one of the most important attractions for the professionals in this sector and will lure more than 50.000 visitors.

It is recalled that Resuinsa’s stand at the Gulfhost exhibition, which will be held at The Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, will be located in the Sheikh Saeed Halls, S-B30.