Resuinsa to cut plastic use by 60% thanks to new product packaging system

The hospitality sector’s commitment to sustainability is an important aspect to bear in mind. In this sense, the multinational company, Resuinsa is seeking to enhance its commitment to the environment, promising a 60% annual reduction in its use of plastic from 37.5 to 14.5 tonnes. This represents a cut of 23 tonnes per year to a material that is extremely harmful to the environment.

Until recently, items were packed in batches of two, five or ten items into plastic bags and then placed in cardboard boxes to ensure no external interference with products. ‘Our initiative is to progressively replace these batches of bagged items into a single 100%-recycled plastic bag that is then placed inside the box to ship’, explains Resuinsa CEO, Félix Martí.

Post-industrial waste and plastic materials such as main and secondary packaging are repurposed to produce new raw material (100%-recycled plastic), saving on energy and resource use in the manufacturing process.

The initiative promotes sustainable industrial development and is in addition to the firm’s commitment over recent years to using recycled cardboard boxes, which themselves are recyclable.

‘We are also making rational use of waste, cutting down on water, paper and energy, and are putting the necessary tools into place to prevent pollution. In short, we are working to continually improve on any environmental aspects we identify’, states Martí.


 Top STeP certification rating


In turn, the company was awarded the top rating (level 3) in the international STeP certification program, which has three different levels corresponding to how a business achieves sustainable production. It should be highlighted that STeP certification is audited and issued by the International OEKO-TEX® Association. This organization has endorsed Resuinsa’s sustainable manufacturing process thanks to the permanent introduction of procedures that respect the environment, health and safety, and optimum working conditions.

‘We are constantly evolving at Resuinsa and adapting to market demands and requirements. This is why we always promote eco-friendly sustainable initiatives’, underlines the company’s CEO.