Resuinsa presents Atelier tailor-made textiles

Resuinsa presents Atelier, or “the art of harmony”, an assessment service offered individually by our industrial designers to serve our clients and achieve exclusive, tailor-made textiles. The project was presented at the HOSTELCO trade fair in Barcelona, Spain, and is the result of the company’s constant commitment to providing the best textile products.

Atelier offers everything from the design of corporate textiles with any colour or unique identity, to interior design through textiles, as required by the client.

The Atelier Services can also be completed by the decoration services of Carmela Martí, the interior decoration company collaborating with Resuinsa. Included in the services you can find integral hotel decoration, as well as design and production of contract textiles, fabrics for special intensive usage or flame retardant fabrics.

“We have specialized until becoming experts on this kind of customer services. This is all about differentiation, and demonstrates how innovation is always present in our business DNA” says Félix Martí, CEO of Resuinsa, adding that “any order would be treated by our industrial designers to create the exact product required by the customer. “