“Resuinsa provided the quality linen that fitted well with our brand”

We’ve talked with Caroline Barbara, director of Sales of the Hugo’s Boutique Hotel Malta. She says that the sensation of Resuinsa’s linens is 5* quality. Also, the guest can experience the first high-tech rooms in Malta at Hugo’s Boutique Hotel, the new luxurious designer hotel in the very heart of the island’s entertainment and business district. The hotel embodies the area’s restless energy, while still promising chic sensibility, ageless sophistication and complete tranquility for the stay.

Sales DirectorWhat makes your hotel be unique?

Our Hi -Tech Rooms

How would you describe luxury?

Luxury means different things to different people.  We describe our selves as Luxury, not just because all our amenities in the rooms are of high quality and standards, but also the service we provide is 5*

What do you recommend the guests visit in your city?

St Julian’s is a very small seaside town, which is full of hotels, restaurants, bars and Casinos. Malta is a small island, and therefore we recommend to our guests to go and see our Capital City Valletta, the old town of Mdina, the Neolithic temples and of course the Blue Lagoon.

How do you manage to make guests feel special in your hotel?

By giving personal attention and service whilst enjoying the best quality amenities.

What are the most important elements to have a well-dressed bed?

Fresh, clean & crisp good quality linen

What should table linens be like to enjoy a gastronomic experience? 

Because it is part of the experience

Which bed linen do guests point out the most? Why?

We had no mention from guests about linen… No news, it’s good news

How has Resuinsa contributed to improving the stay and the experience of the guests in your establishment?

Resuinsa provided the quality linen that fitted well with our brand.

How would you describe the sensation of Resuinsa’s linens?

5* quality