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RESUINSA Makes Waves at Miami Yacht Week 2020

Though RESUINSA’s main partners are those in the hospitality or hotel business, our products know no limits to their applications. Be it linens for planes, trains, floats or boats, if it’s quality linen that’s needed, RESUINSA has it. Our recent showing at Miami Yacht Week 2020 is a testament to our products’ versatility and effect.

Beautiful Interiors for Beautiful Yachts

There’s little point to the “luxury” title if it’s not applied to every aspect. For yachts, luxury is commonly associated with size, amenities, or cabin space. Much thought is put into the aesthetics of the yacht’s exterior design and interior functioning. Without the linens to match that careful design, all that effort is weakened. You’d only let a professional touch the yacht’s layout and mechanical workings, and it should be the same for the linen! 

RESUINSA’s Presence at Miami Yacht Week 2020

RESUINSA had the honor of partnering with Pershing Miami, and dressing the cabins and bathrooms of two high-end yachts this year. Pershing, part of the Ferreti Group, has been building luxury yachts and speed boats for over thirty years. By taking the aesthetics of the boats’ exterior, interior, and color scheme into account, we crafted the ideal spreads for each. Each sleeping cabin received detailed attention and customization. 

Duvets With an Appreciation of Their Surroundings 

Generally speaking, no bedroom is complete without a beautiful, complimentary bed spread. This goes double for bedrooms at sea. With nothing around besides the ocean, having and loving your own place is vital to enjoying yourself. To demonstrate that importance, the duvets crafted for their yachts were of the highest quality and consideration. 

With easy-interior removability, RESUINSA’s duvets offer not only comfort and beauty, but ease of washing in, sometimes, cramped conditions. No matter the size of the washer’s load, our quality duvet covers will slip right in and come out clean. 

High-End Pillows for a High-End Experience

Atop our soft and inviting duvets were a few of our quality pillows. With matching and complimentary design, RESUINSA’s pillows not only made the scene, but possibly some dreams. By showcasing our high-quality, professionally engineered and colored pillows, we were hoping to emphasize their need. After all, when the waves are rough, your pillow could make the difference between a pleasant or rough night. 

Towels for Any Kind of Water

Staying dry is supremely important, especially on a boat. That’s why we jumped at the chance to showcase our quality towels. Whether it’s salt, fresh, mineral, or fruit-infused, no liquid gets away from our absorbent towels. If reliable absorbency and plush feel is important to your crew, get your towels through RESUINSA. 

RESUINSA’s Linens Know No Bounds!

No matter the time, place, event, or application, a RESUINSA linen is the answer. For luxury travel by sea, there is no higher quality maker of beautiful linens around. 

No luxury yacht is truly luxury without high-quality linens to accent its best aspects. If the linens on your yacht are an afterthought, your yachting experience isn’t all that it should be.

To learn more, give RESUINSA a call at 1 (843) 801-3122, visit our website, or contact us here.