Resuinsa ends the year 2015 with a revenue record of €32.5 million

The economic result involves a global business growth of 15%, close to a 50% growth in the international market.
The revenue of €32.5 million means an increase of 15% regarding the same period of the previous year. According to Félix Martí, ‘we present solid economic results that have always been increasing. Our goal was to reach incomes between €25 and €30 million, in order to compete with the best companies of the sector in a world level. We have surpassed this limit and made us room among the world leaders in the business of textile equipment for the hotel and restaurant industries.
International sales have reached a 40% of Resuinsas revenues and they have the intention to keep growing during the following years. The 6 international sister companies have contributed to sales figures above €12 million, representing almost a 50% growth on the prior year.
The solid internationalisation stategy, and the strengthened position in the hotel industry textile market have contributed to Resuinsas last achievements. Félix Martí assures that, ‘we represent the Spanish hotel industry´s outstanding level by being present in so many countries in the world, with different cultures and identities: This is something that motivates us to keep up the good work’.
The positive financial outcome, reinforced by the 40th anniversary this year, encourages to keep going strongly in the following years, in order to contribute with to the Spanish hotel experiences all over the world. According to Félix Martí, ‘In Spain we are now getting the benefits of the years of big efforts and sacrifice. We have to keep improving the level of the hotel establishments to be even more competitive’.
After years of added experience, Resuinsa have become an expert advisor, able to take up global projects on a great scale. The collaboration with the textile decoration company, Carmela Martí, will be a key point to offer a complete service of textile decoration and integration in the next years. Innovation and development will also be key for the future of the textile company, as well as design and the international expansion policy that will make Resuinsa get established in new markets.
Resuinsa, with headquarters in Valencia, is currently present in more than 80 countries, with 6 sister companies and more than 6.000 clients on 5 continents.