Resuinsa dresses the hotel chain Paradores de Turismo de España

Resuinsa has become the official supplier of Paradores de Turismo de España, S.A. after having won the tender put out by the public hotel chain in which 19 offers competed.

Resuinsa obtained the highest score in the four batches of which the tender conditions consisted: bath linen, bed linen, standard table linen and special table linen.

The samples for each product category were analysed by the public entity at the Leitat Technological Center, where their quality was assessed according to the objective evaluation criteria established in the clauses of the tender.

In the words of Félix Martí, Resuinsa’s managing director, this concession means “a challenge to maintain and improve every day the quality of our textiles, to follow the working line in our R&D&i department and, at the same time, a support for the values we project, the transparency as well as the sense of teamwork. Additionally, the concession “contributes to consolidate our position as a benchmark company for hospitality textiles in Spain and it encourages us to keep on working to become a benchmark company also abroad”, added Martí.

Technical criteria

To choose the concession holder, Paradores Turismo de España, S.A. assessed on each sample the technical features of the products, such as the degree of polymerization, the weight, the tensile strength, the losses due to washing, the degree of whiteness, the colour fastness in coloured textiles, as well as the quality and the details of the manufacturing process and the embroidery.

The improvement of the required deadlines, not only in the implementation of the general supply but also in the delivery of every single order, was another requirement evaluated by the public entity in its choice of the concession holder for its textiles.