More than 200 people joined us with Martín Berastegui in the celebration event of our 40th anniversary

40 years of experience link us to our international ambassador, Martin Berasategui, who was present last 21 September in the event that we celebrated in Valencia (Spain) to officially present the San Sebastian Chef as the image of Resuinsa worldwide.

A unique celebration to four decades of corporate history that will mark a milestone in the history of our firm, and in which 200 people from civilian, business and media society accompanied us.

Because we undertake, in sync with the most prize-winning Spanish chef, a new phase of international expansion in which, innovation, internationalisation and the expertise of related entrepreneurial trajectories will be keynote.

Consolidate Resuinsa’s international presence, approach new markets and continue to work under the values that mark our company setup, will be the steps we will take together with Martin Berasategui.

To everyone who joined us on such a special occasion and to everyone who will accompany us in this new stage that we embark on with great enthusiasm, thank you!