Are You Properly Protecting Your Mattress?

Do you know what truly matters to your guests?

In both the grand scheme of things and in the closeup look at its intricate details, everything else that patrons say they really and genuinely look for and expect from their hotel stays (good sleep, nice views, impeccable service) falls second to their need for cleanliness.

This claim easily could do without a consumer-based survey to prove.

On the one hand, it is very simple. Give them clean beds and linens, keep the bathrooms spotless and fully stocked, and deliver the kind of sanitary stay that would make them believe in the integrity of commercial lodgings in a world infiltrated by hotel horror stories of filth.

And yet, it is not that simple. How you deliver the level of hygiene that guests expect of your establishment matters just as much. Take, for example, your run-of-the-mill mattress encasements.  

Do Your Mattress Protectors Work Hard?


In order to protect mattresses against stains and spills, most brands choose a combination of mattress encasements and elastic mattress pads to get full coverage on all sides. This, of course, is obvious: the former provides the much-needed layer of protection and the pads, the latter, the comfort.  

However, this method causes several problems. For example:

  • The mattress pads and protectors often prove too hot for most guests, so they end up chucking both off which (a) leaves the mattresses exposed to every and all filth; and (b) leaves the mattresses with significant damage.
  • The mattress pads/encasements can get loud because of the poor covering material that makes for an uncomfortable sleep experience.
  • The two-protector system makes it more difficult to properly set up and dismantle the bed setup, resulting in pads and encasements that aren’t washed very frequently.


In both cases, the guest does not get quality sleep that they want from their stay, and your mattress gets compromised. It is a situation where everybody loses, but your hotel loses more because of the expense of the mattress pads, the mattress encasement, and the eventual replacement cost of the mattress that will have to be thrown away before its time.

The Resuinsa Mattress Protector


Resuinsa saw the gap. Hotels needed a way to protect their mattresses better, addressing the need for a hygienic environment without hampering the sleep quality and comfort their lodgings offer. The result has been nothing short of phenomenal: The Resuinsa mattress protector!

Our mattress protectors provide you with all that you never thought you needed for your hotel mattresses:

SAVINGS. Our mattress protector comes with complete all-side coverage, eliminating the need for expensive, uncomfortable mattress pads! Without the pads, using the Resuinsa mattress protector easily shaves off $100 from the usual cost of your mattress add-ons.

DURABILITY. Our mattress protectors come reinforced with industrial plastic, allowing the products to withstand multiple industrial-scale, high-temperature washings, ultimate leading to better hygiene.

SECURITY. Resuinsa mattress protectors come with a security zipper feature that keeps them tightly attached to your mattresses during use so you won’t have to worry about guests gaining access and getting rid of them.

COMFORT. Resuinsa raises the levels of comfort to where no mattress encasements and pads have ever gone before. Our mattress protector can be reinforced with a specialized polyethylene lining that provides water resistance without the noise of popularly available PVC-lined mattress protectors.

The Resuinsa line of mattress protectors offers a more comfortable, efficient, convenient, and better-quality alternative to the way you keep your hotels clean and sanitary. Contact Resuinsa today to learn more about our mattress protectors or check out our catalog to see more of our professional products!